Our Services

Diabetic Program

Many people with diabetes can live long, healthy, and happy lives. The goal of the treatment is to improve blood glucose levels. With meal planning, exercise, weight loss (if included). Blood sugar checks and educating patients that skipping meals and snacks may lead to large swings in blood sugar levels. Blood glucose levels help make the patient feel better and may reduce or prevent the complications of diabetes.


VNS of Southern Connecticut nurses will teach the patient about diabetes and how to manage their disease. Our nursing staff will monitor the effectiveness of,

  • • Medication
  • • Diet
  • • Blood Glucose
  • • Foot Care
  • • Possible Complications of Diabetes

Wound Care

Visiting nurses Services, Inc. Of Southern Connecticut provides specified services to wound care patients in order to assume favorable outcomes. Our nurses are wound care certified and have the necessary background and knowledge to treat all categories of wounds.


  • • Provides an accurate assessment and documentation of the wound(s)
  • • Manage and treat acute and chronic wounds as a result of stasis/ vascular, diabetic,         surgical, and pressure ulcers
  • • Monitor skin around wound for signs of irritation
  • • Design patient-specific treatment plans would the patient’s physician
  • • Update caregiver with wound status
  • • Update treatment options as necessary
  • • Ensure that patient is free of infection
  • • Educate patient and caregiver about wound care treatment


Client (Patient) wound heals without complication

Behavioral Health
Nursing Program

Visiting Nurse Service, Inc of Southern Connecticut provides a standard method of assessing, treating, and managing Behavior Health diagnoses. individual 1-on-1 services are offered to provide continuity of care with caregiver consistency to our patients we are proud to announce that our behavioral health nurse has over 30 years of experience in-home care.


  • • evaluating mental health needs of patients
  • • Developing treatment plans/Behavioral Health assessment
  • • Providing medical management
  • • Providing Personal Care
  • • Coordinating with families, doctors, and other health professionals
  • • Administering medication / lockbox management
  • • Skilled nursing, physicians physical therapy, occupational therapy
  • • Bilingual nursing services.

CHF Program

Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. Of Southern Connecticut provides a standard method of assessing, treating, and managing heart failure. Heart failure is one of the fastest-growing forms of heart disease in the US. It is a syndrome in which the heart is unable to pump an adequate supply of blood to meet the oxygen needs of the body. The goal in this treatment of heart failure is to help the heart muscle pump stronger and work less.


  • • Auscultate heart rate and palpate peripheral pulses, determine respiration
  • • Improve clinical outcomes by promoting evidence-based practice, and supporting               individualized timing, safe and effective care
  • • Enhance patient safety by providing specific interventions on how to prevent and               manage potential complications
  • • Monitor patient’s weight and provide a daily weight log
  • • Teach symptoms of fluid retention/edema
  • • Teach diet management and the importance of reading labels for hidden sodium
  • • Teach heart health diet, reduce saturated fat and cholesterol, and control weight with         moderate exercise